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Alpha Sierra Triton -...
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Alpha Sierra Triton - LIMITED EDITION

Price $210.00


Titanium Gold + Titanium Red + Blue Tritium

Celcius Technology “CELCIUS” has a distinguished history of offering innovative works of art in unconventional way. The Alpha Sierra ring's 6 pieces CNC Processed titanium component can be disassembled and customized with different piece like glass breaker, NFC, screw driver, and many more.

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Alpha Sierra Diamond
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Alpha Sierra Diamond

Price $2,999.00

Solid Gold + Diamond

Mechanical Puzzle Gold Ring. Made up of 6 interconnected High Precision Gold Pieces.

This 6 pieces gold puzzle ring is a beautiful statement ring and looks great on any hand. It is really easy to assemble and disassemble. It is made of solid 18k gold. 

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