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CELCIUS - Straight Razor


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The Key to Your Best Shave Ever

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High Quality Straight Razor, Sharp and Shave Ready. Can be Personalized with Beautiful Engraving. "Limited Availability"

Who doesn't want a nicer clean shave? A lot of men suffer from shaving irritation, poor quality shave that cause ingrowing hairs that caused by electric razor or plastic cartridge with 2-3 razors scratching the skin. The CELCIUS Straight Razor’s blade is made of stainless steel, extremely sharp, durable, corrosion resistant, and most importantly non allergic to skin. It can give an extremely clean shave. Stop using cartridge with 2-3-4-5+ blades that go across the same skin area, it may cause skin irritation. Long time ago, people has to go to professionals for their shaving needs. In order to use the straight razor may need some time to learn, but this for sophisticated real men with real style. This is the James Bond’s way of shaving. He can drive anything, he can shoot, he can fly a plane, and he uses straight razor.

It is luxurious and relaxing. Why? When using a straight razor, it is really your quiet moment. The mind can’t go wonder, watching TV, or multi-tasking at the same time. You need to focus on what you are doing; it is like meditation. And instead using your normal shaving cream, you can try different shaving cream with amazing fragrance. The reward is very satisfying, after you finish shaving, you will feel relax. This is a memorable and amazing gift for birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, and so on. It is something that men can use for the rest of his life and pass it to their son or grandson. When a man use a straight razor for the first time, it is a great experience that only man can understand.

Can it save money? Yes, definitely. Our straight razors can last a lifetime with good maintenance and care. Stop spending over $20 every month for replacement cartridge and most importantly, you save the environment. Billions of plastic cartridges are thrown away every year.

Material: Stainless Steel & Ebony Wood.

LIFETIME WARRANTY for Non Personalized Items

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